Top 25 Ecommerce sites in Middle East & UAE Loved by Shoppers

The Middle East is essentially the fastest growing hub for online businesses. Form Gucci, Versace, LV and other designer wear, to SUVs and Super Cars such Lamborghini, Bugatti or Ferrari, everything is now just a click away to be next to your doorstep. In 2015 we witnessed the Ecommerce industry set its new benchmarks in the Middle East with juiced up online sales that hit the $15 billion mark, a figure that was never anticipated to achieve. However, it did happen and from the 4.44 million shoppers in the region, almost everyone contributed even to the smallest fractions.


FME team has managed to compile a list of 25 ecommerce sites in the Middle East and UAE that are the captains of their trade when it comes to the ecommerce sales in the middle region. Let’s have a look at these top ecommerce websites in UAE and Middle East.  If you are looking forward to similar ecommerce web development Dubai to kick start your business please contact us here.

The list has been compiled by FmeExentensions based on the traffic and sales statistics of each eCommerce store. Fmeextensions is a leading web development Dubai company offering top quality web design & development solutions.


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Brief overview:

Top UAE Shopping Sites List


Top UAE Shopping Sites


1. is no doubt one of the most highly spoken online stores in the ecommerce industry. Everyone loves to shop from this website because there is literally everything in its store from electronics, gadgets, cosmetics, healthcare, interior, furniture, fashion accessories and even car parts, all available in one shopping portal.

2. is one of the region’s most premier shopping website exclusively dealing in Clothing, Shoes, Bags, Accessories, and Jewellery. The unique aspect of Ounass is that they are offering international luxury brands i.e Gucci, Dolce, and Gabbana, Valentino, Kiehl's etc. They are also offering free 2-hour delivery. One downside to Ounass is that they only offer clothing range for ladies.


With authorized dealers, punctual delivery track record and market competitive pricing, Amazon is one huge online sales giant that cannot be reckoned with.  The middles eastern shoppers are known to shop from this website on regular basis due to its vast variety of products and user-friendly support.

4. offers multiple payment methods, quick and efficient delivery combined with a 24/7 help and support available for all customers. It sells only the top quality products in electronics, automotive, toys, and jewelry etc. guarantees its products are 100% genuine with a 14-day return policy shown right on the landing page.

5. is one amazing ecommerce website and a dermatologist backed platform. It not only has the biggest collection of healthcare, skin care, and body care cosmetics and pharmaceutical products but also a reputation of quick delivery, after sales support and the massive variety of product lines for its customers in the Middle East.


Created by "Dikran Tchablakian" in 2013, LetsTango is one of the fastest growing online marketplaces in UAE. With their exceptional service and free shipping above 100AED order, they have gained a wide audience. They offer almost everything from fashion wearables to consumer products. Their user interface is also one of the best in the market.


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Started in 2005, Sharafdg is one of the most reputable and reliable online electronics shop in UAE. Sharafdg also has 33 stores spread across UAE. They offer more than 25000 electronic items from almost all international brands. Due to their extraordinary services, SharafDG has been presented with many awards.


Turning an online shopping experience into almost a shopping mall experience for cosmetics, perfumes, accessories and primarily watches, is well known for its cut-price deals and offers from the most populous brands such as Hugo Boss, Gucci, Bill Blass, Ducati, Calvin Klein and Guess etc


Being Middle East’s biggest Omnichannel retailers, not only sells computers, apparels, and other important consumer products but with timely deliveries, hassle-free shopping, and outstanding checkout experience, this website has earned the respect of its customer. With such tremendous qualities for an ecommerce Dubai store, even competitors look up to its strategies and policies for references. They also offer their services in KSA and Kuwait.


Yes, the clothing line tycoon ‘Next’ is also one of the most successful widely interacted e-commerce Dubai stores in the Middle East. Popular for its fashionable clothing and accessories, Next done some great sales in this region and continues to do so as the number of online buyers increase.


If you are young spirited and brand conscious Namshi is the place for you. From clothes to shoes to accessories they have everything in their bag. Started in 2011 Namshi gain popularity due to its unique offering in urban aesthetic and streetwear styles. Almost all the international brands are made available to UAE customers by Namshi with 24-hour delivery and 15 days money back guarantee. They also have a huge collection of kids and children.

12. a young startup has managed to create its place in a competitive UAE market very rapidly. According to their latest released stats, they have seen a massive annual growth of 200%. Which has resulted in form of partnerships from huge brands like Nokia and Samsung. Cultivating a massive product range that spans from all sorts electronics, beauty, personal products and jewelry to toys and accessories, this website has become the sensation every Arab shopper has visited at least once.


Solely an electronics selling website, has all sorts of products that range from health and beauty, household, telecom and photo video, Laptop and IT, Leisure, Travel, Sports and several other categories with a huge variety of brands and retailers. The store is extremely user-friendly, dynamic and always up to date with the latest products and promotions.


As one of the most trusted skincare and fragrance chain in UAE Wojooh has now created a perfect online shopping experience, shows how every product can be acquired from the comfort of your home without any crowded lines or packed parking lots. From premium quality designer fragrances to luxury skin care products, this website has an appeal that leads the buyer to purchase from it sooner or later.


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Noon is a universal marketplace where shoppers from the Middle East can come together and purchase some new, used or refurbished products. The best thing about this website is that it gives the sellers the autonomy to handle their own stores, products, deals and other order related queries.


The mega giant of the furniture industry IKEA also ships in Dubai. If you’re in need of a comfortable sofa and don’t feel like going to the mall or hate paying the extra transportation charges, you can get order it from anywhere in the Middle East from the comfort of your home.


Offering 100% authentic products with free shipping, BuyonDubai is recognizing itself as a preferred online shopping destination for Middle Eastern Shoppers. They offer smartphones to tablets, from gaming consoles to home appliances. Next time you plan on buying any tech toy make sure to visit BuyonDubai first.


This website sharply focuses on cell phones, cameras, gaming consoles – and well just all gadgets. Gadgetby specializes in selling products that are top grossing and trending with the best counter prices the competitors have to offer.  You easily save some amount on every gadget you purchase from this website.


Started in 2012, Gear-Up was an ecommerce website first of its kinds that sold gaming and computer components. Originally from Europe, Gear-Up soon realized its potential in selling computer gaming and graphics components in the Middles East and stemmed out from its roots to spread across other Arab Market.


A division of BURHAN TECHNOLOGY CO in Kuwait, soon became the leader in the IT sector and plans to keep it this way. It rose to popularity after becoming capable of selling a comprehensive list of electronics under one roof. It exhibits latest Notebooks, Desktops, Scanners and Printers, HD Monitors and other Computer Hardware as well as software.


What began as an intellectual conversation between geniuses has now grown into a multinational furniture and household company that sells luxury home interiors to almost all parts of the Middle East. Wysada, armed with an elegantly designed website with extremely alluring image gallery, this website enchants the customers immediately after they land on the page.


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Whether it is a plot of land you’re looking to build your house on, or a used car to buy as your daily transport vehicle, Dubizzle is the channel that connects you to all this. Being an OLX company, it has already grown in more than 50 markets all across Asia, Middle East, Africa, Europe and Latin America.

If you are from UAE and have a taste in fashion, there is a 100% chance that you have visited Launched in 2014 Sivvi has gathered a huge cult-like due to their offer of fresh and fashion-forward approach. Sivvi has also managed to develop an online app for their store that works very smoothly. They offer products from international brands like Nike and Quiz to their own in-house brands like STATE8 and Hindam.


Exclusively dealing in Perfumes, Watches, Eye-wear and other luxurious products, Branddose offers all reputable brands and at a very competitive price. Founded in 2017, Branddose is a new store in the market but due to their exceptional and niche products range, they are gaining customer trust.


With an exceptionally good user interface and highly responsive design, seems to have outdone itself since its creation in 2015. It primarily focuses on selling and promoting apparel and accessories with the most trusted retailers from all across the world. Its headquarters are based in Dubai where it caters the demand of the local market as well reliable shipment methods to all GSC countries


From the list of international and local stores shown above, it is evident that percentage of online shoppers the Middle East is not going to drop anytime soon. But with faster and more reliable payment gateways and swifter shipping methods, we believe the fabric of Dubai ecommerce industry is going to show some new colors.

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