Top 10 Most Successful Businesses in Dubai, UAE

UAE is doing things differently than the rest of the Middle East. They are relying less on oil production as they know it’s going to run out someday and instead; UAE is providing merchants and traders lots of investment and startup opportunities to prove their mettle admits the UAE’s booming entrepreneurial scene.

The UAE is such a good platform to start any business. According to the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business 2016 report, a business set up in the UAE is easier than the rest of the Middle East and the nation ranks 31 worldwide. It only takes eight days and six simple procedures to start a company in UAE. Dubai is further the best place in UAE for investment because of the abundance of resources and a healthy business climate brought by the stability and harmony in the state’s political atmosphere. The Dubai rulers are constantly working hard to improve the business environment and providing more and more facilities and opportunities for investors.

So if you want to start a business in Dubai, our company has done a little research to find out the top 10business sectors in Dubai that offer a promising ROI without holding back. This will give you a small idea of what you are capable of investing in.

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Construction of high-rise buildings and skyscrapers in Dubai is not slowing down. New buildings with modern designs and structures are erected in Dubai with each passing day. A huge door of opportunities are wide open for engineers, construction firms, architects, real estate developers and several other professionals in this sector. The population of Dubai is growing insanely and is expected to multiply as expats are just pouring into the city, looking for opportunities to make their lives better. So an investor can set up a manufacturing business or real estate development firm, or they can sell materials used in construction.


Handyman services business is on the peak as they are of high demands and people are always looking for skilled workers and trusted agencies. You can even start this business by providing individuals services of a small job for the clients who don’t find the time or lack the skills to do the work themselves. The working area of a handyman is diverse. It includes maintenance, repair, plumbing and other electrical jobs so that you can offer different types of services to your clients.

To start this business, you must create a plan first and so good research on your marketing and financial plan. As per state laws, you are required to register your business and contact consultants to get all the licenses you are required to have. However, this is a promising business if you have skilled labor.

Beauty and Hair Salon

The residents of Dubai are too conscious when it comes to fashion and beauty. The reason being is that Dubai is a happening city and every day you will find something new and exciting going on in the Downtown. You can set up a ladies beauty salon in Dubai that provides services to improve beauty. This includes hair, nails, feet and facial services. You must know the requirements for imitating this business and also have a vast knowledge of products and Dubai fashion trends.

Real Estate Agents

As the number of expats is increasing by each passing day, the real estate affairs like buying, selling and renting of properties in Dubai are also increasing. The residents demand professional and trustworthy agents to make their property dealings smooth. For this business, you must take advice from your consultancy agency and get all the licenses required by the authorities to operate.

Oil and Gas

Oil and gas industry remains a dominant sector in Dubai, and all operations like exploration, extraction, transportation, and distribution are generating revenue for investors. Although it demands large-scale investment and services, some segments offer small and medium scale business ideas. The business startup requires thoughtful planning and market, and you can start a business in the industry that offers lucrative investment opportunities.

Travel and Tourism

Dubai is a haven for tourists. There are opportunities in all kinds of tourism including shopping tourism, business tourism, sports tourism, cultural tourism, and medical tourism, etc. There are several other things related to tourism like restaurants, food services, transportation, hotels, and photography. The travel and tourism has emerged as a powerful industry with an annual economic impact of around 6.5 trillion U.S. dollars worldwide. Starting a travel and tourism business is definitely a profitable venture for new and passionate entrepreneurs.

Health Care Clinics

Healthcare industry is rising, and there is a high demand for professional and skillful doctors and clinics. Moreover, people from Asia and Africa are coming to UAE for treatment as it is comparatively cheaper than Europe and USA.

Job Agencies

A large number of expats come to UAE in search of good job opportunities and is a dream city for foreign job seekers. The companies are also facing trouble finding professional and skillful employees, due to the language barrier and the indigenous population accounts for just 0.5% of the workforce. You can open a Job providing agency in Dubai that connects companies and job seekers using your channel. For current business owners, a Job or Recruitment Agency company can be started quickly with a minimal investment and ease, but there are several things to consider before opening for the business like licenses etc.

Webpreneur, i.e., Web Development, Mobile, Internet Marketing

E-Commerce, web development, mobile, internet marketing, and online businesses are the most trending sector for investments. Online buying and purchasing tendency of Dubai people and constantly increasing spending capacity are the major reason for the eCommerce growth. This business is growing and will continue to provide more opportunities to Webpreneurs.

Online Tyre Trading Business

As the Middle East especially Dubai is a dream place for someone who loves high-end cars. You will find almost all the prestigious car brand wandering on the roads of Dubai. This has given rise to a unique business opportunity for online tire traders. In fact, it is estimated as the total worth of Tyre Business worldwide is almost $32 billion. The pioneer of this industry is PitStopArabia, one of the best online tyre shop in Dubai.

Business Consultancy Services

One of the most profitable businesses in Dubai is Business Consultancy and business setup services. This demands experience and some experts onboard but has proved to be a successful business venture. Again for this business you first have to get the license from the authorities.

Final Thoughts

If you want to start a business in Dubai that promises success, then you would also have to promote your business on all available platforms. Also, make sure that you stay updated with the new ways and trends to horn your business skills for the better.

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    supply chain solutions
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    Thanks for sharing this information. Dubai has become a business hub for gulf countries due to its strategic location and tax exemption rules.

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    UAE Dubai provides huge opportunities for traders and business man. Mostly business tycoon comes Dubai and starts their business for the outstanding income that’s why Dubai is becoming more successful and popular.

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