Top Rated Magento Extensions for All E-commerce Businesses

There is no debate in saying that Magento is one of the most influential and powerful content management systems around and is considered to be an ideal choice for ecommerce web development. Since its launch in 2008, hundreds if not thousands of online stores have gained prosperity through Magento is predominantly the biggest open-source ecommerce solution right now.

However, for someone with no prior experience, choosing the right Magento extensions may appear to be a daunting task.  And this is where we step in. In this article, we have highlighted some of the top rated Magento extensions that you must add to your ecommerce store to enhance its usability and improve the user experience.

Magento Language Switcher

This is a powerful extension that allows store owners to personalize and localize user experience by automatically changing the store language and currency based on the visitors' location. This extension automatically detects the user's location and accurately changes currency and language of the store.

Key Features

  • Automatically switch language and currency of the store as per visitor’s location.
  • Recognizes visitor’s location to correctly change language and currency
  • Import new or use the existing Maxmind database to recognize the user’s location


Magento Ajax Add to Cart

Customer demand more control over the buying process and this extension by FME is designed to empower your customers by helping them to continuously add products to cart without reloading the page.

Key Features

  • Display the related products on the Add to Cart popup window
  • Show product options on the category pages
  • Ajax powered Add to Cart
  • Add a custom image and text to Ajax loading


Magento Customer Attributes

Information, information and more information. Customer information is the key to success in ecommerce.  Customer Attributes & Registration Fields extension provides you the opportunity to add custom fields on the registration page to collect useful information from your customers.

Key Features

  • Add unlimited extra custom fields to user registration form
  • 11 different field types to let you add an option you need
  • Allow the users to upload image or file
  • Configuration settings for sorting and validating fields


Magento Refer a Friend

Magento Refer a friend extension allows you to market your products by offering discounts when a customer refer your products to their friends. Customers who referred friends get discount while you gain more clients. With this extension, you can create rules, customize discount features, manage referral discounts and transactions.

Key Features

  • Make Your Customers Affiliates & Refer Friends
  • Reward Referrals in Percentage / Fix Amount
  • Manage Referral Discounts & Transactions
  • Reward on Signup, no of items Purchase
  • Invite Via Email or By Social Sharing Buttons


Magento Shop by Brand

Magento Shop by brand extension by FME enables you to serve the brand conscious customers by adding Shop by brand functionality to your e-stores.  This extension creates customized manufacturer pages featuring a brands slider, view by logo or text, alphabetical listings of brands and many more advanced features.

Key Features

  • Customizable Brand Page layout
  • Enable/Disable brands
  • Enhanced navigation - Order by ascending or descending
  • Featured Manufacturers Block
  • Import Manufacturers from CSV file


Magento GeoIP Store Switcher

Magento GeoIP store switcher extension enables you to expand your business to new locations by personalizing storefronts for different countries or regions. With this extension, you can display regional content to specific countries by automatically redirecting them to their regional store. Allow the visitors to switch to the desired store by using the store switcher popup shown at the footer of the webpage.

Key Features

  • Regions manager
  • Auto detect visitor location
  • Auto or manual redirection
  • Customize store switcher popup
  • Maxmind GeoIP database
  • Supports IP exceptions


Magento Product Video

Magento product videos extension by FME allows you to add videos or videos gallery to your product pages. This extension supports multiple formats like FLV, MPG, MP4, PNG, JPEG, GIF & SWF. You can also embed videos from YouTube & Vimeo.

Key Features

  • Attach multiple videos to product
  • Create a video gallery
  • Embed YouTube/Vimeo videos
  • Configure videos thumbnail grid


Magento Product Questions

Magento Product questions extension enables you to display product-specific FAQs right on the product page in accordion style. With this extension, you can also create a separate FAQs page to display the store FAQs in proper hierarchy. Display like/unlike, replies, rating and allow the user’s to reply existing questions and ask questions using the responsive “Ask a Question” form. Admin can moderate all the user-generated queries.

Key Features

  • Product page FAQs tab
  • Separate FAQs page
  • Ask a Question form
  • Configure FAQs block
  • Accordion style
  • Display FAQs in 5 different layouts


Magento Help Desk & Support

Help Desk Professional extension by FME allows you to create a comprehensive ticketing system in your e-store. You can easily manage all the user tickets from the backend, create departments and configure auto responding tools.  Customers can easily post tickets regarding products and get instant support.

Key Features

  • Manage tickets
  • Create department
  • Draft multiple email templates
  • Email notifications
  • Tickets management statistics
  • Auto responders


Magento Price Match

Magento price match extension by FME allows you to get notified if a customer finds a lower price. This extension equipped with features like Request a Price Quote, reporting, status updates, auto email response to customers and much more. FME’s “Found a Lower Price” extension is an effective tool to sell products on consumer-friendly rates and keep your customers with you.

Key Features

  • Quick quote form
  • Tell a price manager
  • Export to CSV
  • Automatic email notifications
  • Enable reply to customer


Magento Restrict by Customer Groups

Magento restrict by customer groups allows you to restrict access to specific products, categories or CMS pages by creating multiple customer groups. Create multiple customer groups like not-logged in, Merchants, whole salers and apply restrictions accordingly. Configure manual or auto redirection rules to redirect visitors to an alternate page.

Key Features

  • Restrict by customer group
  • Restrict products, categories & CMS pages
  • Add basic & manual redirection rules


Magento GeoIP Ultimate Lock

Magento GeoIP Ultimate Lock extension by FME allows you to block access to your store from specific countries and regions. Using this extension, you can get rid of unwanted traffic, prevent spam, and save bandwidth. You can restrict visitors access to products, categories, CMS pages or entire store from a specific country or region.

Key Features

  • Restrict visitors by IP addresses, country, or region
  • Block access to entire store, specific products or categories
  • Display a message or redirect blocked users
  • Add IP Exceptions
  • Uses Maxmind Database


Professional Banners

Magento banner slider extension by FME allows you to add banners on home, category & CMS pages of your store. Customize banner width, height, order and add text and URL to banners. You can also configure its transition time, speed, slider type, auto play and animation.

Key Features

  • Add banners on home, category & CMS pages
  • Customize banners width, height & order
  • Set slider type, auto play & delay time
  • Select slider transition type & transition speed
  • Supports multiple image types
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