Website Speed Optimization Service

Website Speed Optimization Service

  • 100% refund if your website does not loads in <2 seconds

  • Ecommerce, Blog & Corporate website Optimization

  • Server Tuning & Configuration

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Website Speed Optimization Services In Dubai

Website Speed Optimization is performed to improve the online shopping experience, speed up product navigation and save customers valuable time in switching between products and categories. FME Extensions is proud to announce effective and result oriented solutions to speed optimization of your online presence.

We have been serving our esteemed clients with remarkable solutions to improve their eCommerce platforms, which enhance conversion ratio and revenues. You will never want to lose a single customer if he or she is unable to load categories or product pages.

Our vast experience in website development and customization has empowered us to coin result driven techniques for speed optimization. Follow us below to have a quick view of the processes we carry out to make your store the most desirable shopping place.

Tuning & Configuration Details

  • Full Page Cache

    We speed up browsing of your online store by decreasing load time with the help of advanced extensions. The necessary tools are installed to increase server speed by caching different pages.

  • Web Server

    Our website development experts take pride in evaluating your web server to make necessary changes and update so that your customers. Our website Server optimization service include sever tuning and configuration.

  • Redis Server

    We have a brilliant solution for your data and session storage in the form of Redis Server, which is considered a top notch platform for managing multiple databases.

  • Database

    Our Developers thoroughly investigate the Magento database and settings to recommend further configurations that need to be made instantly for optimizing the speed of your business website.

  • Media Content

    Our Wordpress speed optimization services include the application of content delivery network CDN so that the end consumers can get access to the media content shared on the website. Website Image Optimization to compress and load images faster.


    For Wordpress performance optimization, it is mandatory to configure MySql database. At FME Extensions, we take great care of every matter that directly or indirectly affects the performance of your business.

  • APC

    To enhance the speed of online stores, we recommend the installation of powerful tools like APC, which also helps in PHP tuning. We have a successful track record of implying such strategies with positive results and customer satisfaction.

  • CSS and JavaScript

    Through our elite team of CSS and JavaScript developers we ensure that your website gets the top class configuration of codes and web server for fast and responsive designs and themes. This involves compressing and combination of files so that the visitors get the most relevant content.


  • Faster response: ~0.5 seconds to generate/load the home HMTL ( First Byte).
  • Save server resources: up to 10x times less load on the server.
  • Loading static resources from 2 to 3 times faster (CDN).
  • Up to 95/100 & A grade on
  • Improve peak traffic performance capacity and stability.
  • Speed up administrative tasks.

Surely, it was a quick overview of some of the aspects we cover in site performance optimization service, whereas we carry on in-depth analysis and thorough evaluation of the factors that are influencing the speed of your store. To know about our practices in detail, please do not forget to drop us an email or talk to our friendly support team.

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