Website Design Trends & Statistics [Infographic]

Web designing has evolved into a surprisingly captivating field for engaging visitors and turning them into loyal customers. With the increase of cell phones and handheld gadgets, the number of online users has raised to exponentially highest figure of estimation. About 80% is the internet users own a mobile device, and to cater their needs the mobile friendly has a need of today. Online users search for their favorite products and services and want without any constraint. The poor web design and noncompliance with responsiveness may affect their shopping experience and compel them to move on without placing orders.

To increase sales lead and conversion rates, the web design trends and statistics needs to be understood and incorporate in a business website. Statistics reveals that 4 out of 5 online users are inclined to their smartphones, and among them, 40% will move to another website if the design in not appealing and adjustable, which is an alarming signs for the dire need of mobile friendliness.

The mobile data traffic is speculated to alleviate to 300% around the globe, which shows that in the near future, the eCommerce website will be flooded with mobile traffic only. The responsiveness of a website directly impacts the conversion ratio of a store, as the user experience design also cover factors to achieve conversion optimization of the online business.

Mobile responsiveness transforms web design according to the device screen a visitor use to browse. The dominating devices that affect the conversion ratio are tablets, smartphones, and apple products.

Responsive Web Design Statistics


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